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When wagering online, care must be taken to use a sportsbook that can be trusted to hold and promptly pay out large sums of money.

We now highly recommend 5Dimes, an "A" rated sportsbook which has a long history providing safe, professional service. Such can be said only for a handful of the sportsbooks out there let alone any of the few available to U.S. residents.

But that's just the beginning: they also offer incredible half price commission on every NFL game. This adds up to a ton of money over a couple of weeks let alone an entire season and is far and away the best bonus in the industry.

This sportsbook has everything going for it, there’s simply no reason to waste time and money anywhere else.

NFL wagering: Best game in town

Here's why pro football offers the best wagering opportunity:

Money Management

There are two elements to successful wagering. The first is making the picks which this site will do for you. The second is correct money management which you must do for yourself. It is a common mistake to focus on the first element when both are equally important. If either is lacking, then luck becomes the controlling factor since even a winning season will have periodic losing weekends.

Here's why money management is so critical. If all of the season’s wagers were made in one day, money management would be obvious since the bankroll would be safely split among many games. With the bets being laid out several at a time over 17 weeks, a trap is set for the unsophisticated bettor.

The initial challenge is to overcome the illusion that money management is self-evident or that winning will take care of it. At all costs, you must resist the urge of thinking "This game is a sure thing". The wager must remain the same correct amount per game, no matter what the previous weekend or current season record turns out to be.

A money management scheme must address two issues. The first is to preserve the bankroll particularly at the outset of the season so that one or two losing weeks do not prematurely end an entire season. Then, once winnings are in hand, it should allow them to grow at the most optimum rate. We recommend use of one of these schemes:

The above is simple advice but very difficult to put into practice. The ability to actually do so separates the winners from the losers, at least for our customers. Hopefully, you won't have to learn the hard way.

NFL Gamebook Links

Date Away team Home team Gamebook
Sun, Jan 20 3:05pm LA Rams 26 23 New Orleans Download
Sun, Jan 20 6:40pm New England 37 31 Kansas City Download